Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Last post of 2017

Hi viewers I would like to say thank you for viewing my blog and commenting on my post's the best thing about this year was going to year 6 camp and blogging for you guys I might blog in the holiday's so thank you for commenting and viewing my blog bye.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Beware of ads


Cyber smart Monday Madnesss

Today we leant to beware of ads on websites.
They can try to your information or trick you into buying  Things.

You can even Find ads on cool math games 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Mars One Project

My Trip To Stardome

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On september the 14 2017 I got ready at 5.00 in the morn to get ready for school because I was very excited to go to star dome Team 4 went to star dome It was fun cause I got to hangout with all my friends it was A very fun and cool and I enjoyed it.   

When we got of the bus we got there early so we got to go on the park.I ran so fast to the flying fox I got there second then It was my turn ran and then Jumped on the flying fox.I went so fast I almost fell of the flying fox.Then I had my second turn then we had to go well I was on the flying fox I told my friend Anania
To stop. cause I was gonna hit him we had to line up in our lines.

When we got in the building she said we were going to do a quiz our team was called team Venus. If you didn't know Venus is a planet so went look around for the first question. we got that right then the next question was when did the first man land on the moon we clicked on Neil armstrong July 1969 then the internet crashed so we had to use a pencil and paper so we were running around the place then we finished the quiz then we came back to the lady.

After the quiz we went in this room where she showed us where is Jupiter. Where maui’s hook was and where was the southern cross. Then we watched this 45 minutes movie then I fell asleep. The they said we have to go now and get ready to go on the bus.

Facts about space and were Jupiter the southern cross was and where was saturn I had very great time at stardome hope I will go there next time.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Picture book

I want to go look for a good planet for the future because the earth is dying.

The rocket was and red and black rocket it was very fast then all of us said 5 4 3 2 1 blast off!!!!!.

Then we went to mercury he got out of his rocket and said It's too hot here. O now I remember it's the closest planet to the sun. off to the next planet!.

Venus is the second planet from the sun Its too hot for me I don't need to go there off to the next planet!.

Now where going past earth It looks very fun but we not know about the planet . Off to the next planet!.

We landed on mars the 4th planet from the sun It has to many volcanoes off to the next planet!.

Jupiter is the 5 planet from the sun you can not stand on Jupiter off to the next planet!.

Saturn is the 6 planet from the sun we can't stand on Saturn to off to the next planet!.

Uranus is the second to last planet from the sun it's too cold for me to the next planet!.

Uranus is the second to last planet from the sun it's too cold for me to the next planet!.

Neptune is the last planet from the sun it is also to cold off back to earth!.

Well I was wrong earth is really the best planet for me. and I miss my family and friend and I missed earth

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

My post card to earth

Today I was finished doing my postcard to mars and I was writing a letter to my friend king

Thursday, 8 June 2017

My Kayak

Walt:make connections what we already read
I Have chosen the SLALOM K1 kayak with a black base and a red outline.I also decorated it with 15 stars with two thick triangles on the end of each end.

I think boys at the age of 10 would like this design because it got a nice paint job and it's pretty cool

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The castaway story

 The castaway story
It all started when my plane crashed then I went to look around the island. I could see no one on the island Then went to make a shelter.

First I will explored the island and looked for anything useful. Like material then I looked for rocks so I can spit them then. I  cut the tip off of it then. Then

Then make my shelter then I would use the popped boat for a bed then look for big leafs. And look for warm materials to cover me. At night and make cloths and dry the one that I have on for when I get rescued.

First I would make a spear out of the stick. then I would get very sharp rock then sharpen the stick. then I would go spearfishing and then I would go to a coconut tree. If it's not to high I would climb up the coconut tree. but if it's too high then I would get another stick and sharpen it. and get something stretchy and done then go find banana’s .and on the way I killed the pig. by jumping off the rock the then stabbed it.then I found another pig that was pregnant then I would take it to my shelter then I would make a fire.

I made it out of sand with seaweed that said help and then I would make some smoke and at night I would make a big fire and would wave them down in the mornings.

Then four years later suddenly a superyacht come to the island for the then I saw them then I ran to them asked to drop me off to a city then I lived happily ever after.     

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Eating crikets

Have you ever eaten crickets before

well we did and it was really gross on Thursday and mud so Mrs stickland told we will be eating crickets with mud so we started eating it then my friend terry said I cant eat it smells then my Deniro
said i'm going to eat one then he did so when he did  he ran outside and spat it out then I ate one it was yuck but I swallowed it then my friend terry ate about 17 crickets and the people in our group was watching him.
Then we had ate all our crickets.           

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

6 facts about spiders

1.did you know There are around 40000 different species of spider in the world.

2.Most spiders make silk which they use to create spider webs and capture prey.

3.Hundreds of years ago, people put spider webs on their wounds because they believed it would help stop the bleeding. Scientists now know that the silk contains
vitamin K, which helps reduce bleeding.

4.The venom of the black widow spider attacks nerves by blocking their signals to the muscles, which causes the muscles to contract repeatedly and often painfully. Black widow bites can also cause other nerve-related problems, such as high blood pressure, restlessness, and severe facial spasms.

5.Giant Huntsman spiders have leg-spans of around 30cm

6.Spiders eat more insects than birds and bats combined.

food web

my spider

Friday, 31 March 2017

The spider vs the sbadaris

Once upon a time there was a vicious ambusher spider looking for food then suddenly the spider sore the sbadaris walking then the spider the sbadaris but the sbadaris was too fast so the spider had to sneak up on the sbadaris so the spider was in stealth mode ready to attack the sbadaris.

So the spider jump out then the sbadaris turned around then the sbadaris tried to confuse the spider then the sbadaris used its razor sharp horn to scare the spider off.Then the sbadaris lived happily ever after.          

Thursday, 23 March 2017


The mosquito is an annoying insect. The female flies around looking for a human target to sink her stinger into. After she has sucked your blood like a vampire, she leaves behind a red itchy bite. Image result for mosquito

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The race

Have you ever race on the field in socks before well we did.

First Mr Goodwin told us we were going to the field to do something. then I looked at all the classes the were doing normal work in their classes. he said it was going to be fast and boring.

First we put our Chromebooks on a table then we went outside. and put our shoes on then we went in line to the field. Then we had to stand on a line on the try line then our teacher Mr Goodwin told us the instructions. Then we ran to the other side of the field and back to our teacher. it was funnier than when I when to splash planet in Hastings.

When were at the start of the race didn’t count down from 3 he just said go. when he said go I ran as ran as I could then I was coming to 2nd place. Well my friend terry was beating everyone. Then Mr Goodwin made us sit on the wet ground but me and my friend terry didn’t care about the wet ground. I

It was so so fun that when I finished the race I wanted to race over and over.It was like watching the best movie ever.After that we went to go have a drink of water then we lined up and walked back to class. My favourite thing overall it was fun racing all my friends.

task description: For this task I had a fun Experience and then I made a new doc in my writing folder. I did my introduction, body paragraphs, and my Conclusion. I published it on my blog with a complete high standard with a Title, Walt , Task Description and Labels.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

chicken flavoured worms

Walt: write quality introductions.

Have you ever tasted chicken flavoured worms. well Mr Goodwin is so insane he gave use chicken flavoured worms i think he might of had too much coffee today.I didn't no this would this ever happen.
Image result for fried worms

Task description: In this lesson we did a writing experience to do with eating chicken flavoured noodles and pretending it to be worms