Thursday, 27 September 2018

Move ya body items!

Today we did our team 5 performances there were a lot of items we did a chicken dance cause not all of my group was good at juggling. But we did something quick and easy but funny at the same time.first off we were like "please don't pick our class" our class ended up going to second last.
we all thought our item was going to be embarrassing our self's because we did a chicken dance so we got on the stage and did our item half way through our item we didn't feel embarrassed anymore cause of the support of the other classes cheering us on!. Then we finished our item and watched the rest of the items. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

A card for Ms Eadie

Today in team 5 we were making cards for teachers to make them feel better. Me and william made a card for Ms Eadie for her hard work

I disagree

'Animals that are called pest by the predator Free groups should be treated with more respect'.
I disagree with this this statement. I will give you three reasons why.

1.They they have been known to hunt down our native birds

2.They have been known to bring over diseases that may affect our native animals.

3.they are a danger to our native wildlife and might lead to our natives animals being extinct.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Tech WK 1

Today was my first day at graphics  we have to create your own toondoo comics.  we had to create our own avatar and background.

If you want to make your own toondoo character or sign up here is the link

Monday, 27 August 2018

My poem

I have only myself to blame
I am the reason why im tired all day
Need to go to my bed need to go to sleep 
I am so tired goodnight

This poem was made with the help of William 


Thursday, 16 August 2018

Teachers strike day

Did you know that this week on Wednesday, around New Zealand is strike day?
‘’Teachers want to have more time to teach students, instead of doing paper work all day.  Teachers want more time to teach their kids but their to busy doing work for the government!

Also students need resources for their learning, meaning that kids need help with their behaviour because they can’t control how they act. 

Did you know that teachers don’t get paid much? That’s why most people don’t want to be teachers. Every teacher wants to get a better pay!Well my partner and I agree that teachers should get paid more, have more time teaching students and helping unbehaving students to control how they act.