Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Last post of 2017

Hi viewers I would like to say thank you for viewing my blog and commenting on my post's the best thing about this year was going to year 6 camp and blogging for you guys I might blog in the holiday's so thank you for commenting and viewing my blog bye.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Beware of ads


Cyber smart Monday Madnesss

Today we leant to beware of ads on websites.
They can try to your information or trick you into buying  Things.

You can even Find ads on cool math games 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Mars One Project

My Trip To Stardome

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On september the 14 2017 I got ready at 5.00 in the morn to get ready for school because I was very excited to go to star dome Team 4 went to star dome It was fun cause I got to hangout with all my friends it was A very fun and cool and I enjoyed it.   

When we got of the bus we got there early so we got to go on the park.I ran so fast to the flying fox I got there second then It was my turn ran and then Jumped on the flying fox.I went so fast I almost fell of the flying fox.Then I had my second turn then we had to go well I was on the flying fox I told my friend Anania
To stop. cause I was gonna hit him we had to line up in our lines.

When we got in the building she said we were going to do a quiz our team was called team Venus. If you didn't know Venus is a planet so went look around for the first question. we got that right then the next question was when did the first man land on the moon we clicked on Neil armstrong July 1969 then the internet crashed so we had to use a pencil and paper so we were running around the place then we finished the quiz then we came back to the lady.

After the quiz we went in this room where she showed us where is Jupiter. Where maui’s hook was and where was the southern cross. Then we watched this 45 minutes movie then I fell asleep. The they said we have to go now and get ready to go on the bus.

Facts about space and were Jupiter the southern cross was and where was saturn I had very great time at stardome hope I will go there next time.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Picture book

I want to go look for a good planet for the future because the earth is dying.

The rocket was and red and black rocket it was very fast then all of us said 5 4 3 2 1 blast off!!!!!.

Then we went to mercury he got out of his rocket and said It's too hot here. O now I remember it's the closest planet to the sun. off to the next planet!.

Venus is the second planet from the sun Its too hot for me I don't need to go there off to the next planet!.

Now where going past earth It looks very fun but we not know about the planet . Off to the next planet!.

We landed on mars the 4th planet from the sun It has to many volcanoes off to the next planet!.

Jupiter is the 5 planet from the sun you can not stand on Jupiter off to the next planet!.

Saturn is the 6 planet from the sun we can't stand on Saturn to off to the next planet!.

Uranus is the second to last planet from the sun it's too cold for me to the next planet!.

Uranus is the second to last planet from the sun it's too cold for me to the next planet!.

Neptune is the last planet from the sun it is also to cold off back to earth!.

Well I was wrong earth is really the best planet for me. and I miss my family and friend and I missed earth