Thursday, 16 August 2018

Teachers strike day

Did you know that this week on Wednesday, around New Zealand is strike day?
‘’Teachers want to have more time to teach students, instead of doing paper work all day.  Teachers want more time to teach their kids but their to busy doing work for the government!

Also students need resources for their learning, meaning that kids need help with their behaviour because they can’t control how they act. 

Did you know that teachers don’t get paid much? That’s why most people don’t want to be teachers. Every teacher wants to get a better pay!Well my partner and I agree that teachers should get paid more, have more time teaching students and helping unbehaving students to control how they act.

Friday, 3 August 2018

How to have fun in the holidays

Have you ever thought man I wish could play outside a day well there is a way to do that read the rest of my writing to find out how to do that.

One thing for sure is that mum and dad will have a list for us kids to work through. It’s the list of chores! At first were like dumb i don't wanna do chores. Then they say when your finished
your chores you can play with your friends outside or play the ps4/xbox.
Then you want to do your chores.

Another fun activity that doesn’t cost - is simply hanging out with your neighbours and friends for a bit of backyard (or front yard) sport.Like rugby or soccer it’s really fun and funny.

A final idea I want to share is how to make your online gaming time a bit more fun.Well if your like me i don't live with my brother so i’m the only child in the house if your not and you have siblings you take 20 minute turns one person will be playing then the other two will be playing outside.

So there you go - some good ideas to try out in your next school holiday. Remember do the chores then play you never know your mum and dad might let you play on the ps4/xbox longer than usual.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Immersion assembly Term 3

Has Beyonce ever came to your school well the guy version
came to our school with his green socks hairy legs and Denim shorts and he likes to do fitness!.

So we had our normal immersion assembly that we do at the start of every
term then Mr Jacobson and Mr Somerville put on a song and
started clapping then he told us to clap them told us to stand up and started dancing!.

Aslo a BIG thanks to all the teachers who made our movies for giving up there time to make them.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


WALT:identify and write complete sentences.
So all the changes I made are highlighted blue It was a fun activity.
Hope you enjoy this blog post.

Monday, 30 April 2018


In the holidays I went to the movies to go watch Peter Rabbit It is a funny and cool movie anyways I went to my nana's house and stayed there for a week then came back home and helped my mum with the shopping and doing chores at home.

Friday, 9 March 2018

my visual mihi

All about me 2018

Hi my name is Jayden and I am a year 7 at ptengland school and I have 5 teachers there names are Mr Wiseman Mrs sio Miss tapuke Mrs Stone and Mrs Ilaoa I like to do alot of things like play sports and and play games my favourite game is 2k18 I got two favourite sports they are backetball and rugby union my favourite food is subway cause its healthy