Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The race

Have you ever race on the field in socks before well we did.

First Mr Goodwin told us we were going to the field to do something. then I looked at all the classes the were doing normal work in their classes. he said it was going to be fast and boring.

First we put our Chromebooks on a table then we went outside. and put our shoes on then we went in line to the field. Then we had to stand on a line on the try line then our teacher Mr Goodwin told us the instructions. Then we ran to the other side of the field and back to our teacher. it was funnier than when I when to splash planet in Hastings.

When were at the start of the race didn’t count down from 3 he just said go. when he said go I ran as ran as I could then I was coming to 2nd place. Well my friend terry was beating everyone. Then Mr Goodwin made us sit on the wet ground but me and my friend terry didn’t care about the wet ground. I

It was so so fun that when I finished the race I wanted to race over and over.It was like watching the best movie ever.After that we went to go have a drink of water then we lined up and walked back to class. My favourite thing overall it was fun racing all my friends.

task description: For this task I had a fun Experience and then I made a new doc in my writing folder. I did my introduction, body paragraphs, and my Conclusion. I published it on my blog with a complete high standard with a Title, Walt , Task Description and Labels.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

chicken flavoured worms

Walt: write quality introductions.

Have you ever tasted chicken flavoured worms. well Mr Goodwin is so insane he gave use chicken flavoured worms i think he might of had too much coffee today.I didn't no this would this ever happen.
Image result for fried worms

Task description: In this lesson we did a writing experience to do with eating chicken flavoured noodles and pretending it to be worms