Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The castaway story

 The castaway story
It all started when my plane crashed then I went to look around the island. I could see no one on the island Then went to make a shelter.

First I will explored the island and looked for anything useful. Like material then I looked for rocks so I can spit them then. I  cut the tip off of it then. Then

Then make my shelter then I would use the popped boat for a bed then look for big leafs. And look for warm materials to cover me. At night and make cloths and dry the one that I have on for when I get rescued.

First I would make a spear out of the stick. then I would get very sharp rock then sharpen the stick. then I would go spearfishing and then I would go to a coconut tree. If it's not to high I would climb up the coconut tree. but if it's too high then I would get another stick and sharpen it. and get something stretchy and done then go find banana’s .and on the way I killed the pig. by jumping off the rock the then stabbed it.then I found another pig that was pregnant then I would take it to my shelter then I would make a fire.

I made it out of sand with seaweed that said help and then I would make some smoke and at night I would make a big fire and would wave them down in the mornings.

Then four years later suddenly a superyacht come to the island for the then I saw them then I ran to them asked to drop me off to a city then I lived happily ever after.